All the benefits of our fire protection glazing at a glance.

Our fire protection glazing fulfils many functions and incidentally incorporates further beneficial properties.

The benefits of our fire protection glazing

  • UV resistance without prefixed UV filter
  • Virtually no intrinsic colour of the glass panels (no green colouration)
  • Design options for the secondary panel as laminated glass with colour films, screen print, sand blasting and with external bonded muntin bars
  • Fixed glazing has the option of using a cost-effective, self-installation system
  • The glass safeguards against injury when breaking, by shattering into blunt fragments
  • Easy installationVery high light transmittance up to 87% for EI-30
  • Can be combined with a wide variety of toughened glazing

Weight advantage against comparable products

EI 60 up to 6 kg/m²
EI 90 up to 30 kg/m²
EI 120 up to 35 kg/m²

Very good sound insulation in basic form

Type (Standard form) sound insulation value
EI 30 ≥ 43 dB
EI 60 ≥ 44 dB
A 60 ≥ 44 dB
EI 90 ≥ 46 dB
EI 120 > 46 dB
EW 30/EW 60 ≥ 37 dB