About us

We are part of the Hero-Glas industrial group, based in the German State of Lower Saxony. We been involved in the development and production of fire protection glass in our own company since 2007.

The parent company has been involved in the production of fire protection glass since 2001. Through concentrated development activities and successful implementation of this very complex product in production, we can now claim to be one of the largest independent suppliers of fire protection glass.

Moreover, we can pool expertise and exploit synergies in the Group. Hero-Glas has been involved with glass materials for more than 40 years. All the manufacturing stages and depth of finishing are located on a single site. This minimises distances and saves time. We are constantly engaged in innovative fire protection solutions. Through the weight advantages over competitor products, the excellent sound insulation qualities of our glass units and a glass door with an EI 30 capability, our aim is to set standards and be measured by them.